Melodica Lessons:

Melodica Lessons:

The Melodica, Pianica or Melodion is a free-reed instrument that is similar to the pump organ and harmonica. This instrument comes with various names such as key harmonica, blow organ, pianica, and melodyhorn and melodion.

A brief list of included items & courses:

  • Basic music theory applied
  • Breathing with expression, volume, and effects created when blowing into mouthpiece
  • Breathing exercises applied
  • Detailed breakdown and explanation of students’ lesson
  • Development of practice habits that really work
  • Discover the art of keyboard velocity
  • Ear training and dictation
  • Hand position and coordination applied
  • Harmony and chords applied
  • Improvisation and comping applied
  • Keyboard technique applied
  • MP3 Practice Partner individualized and applied
  • Music composition with and without computer software
  • Music reading with and without computer software
  • Proper keyboard fingering applied
  • The art of memorization
  • Timing, phrasing and dynamics applied
  • Transposition applied and much more…

Whether you are pursuing a career in musical performance, music education or more, ABC Music Services is here to assist you in accomplishing these goals with detailed music instruction on Voice, Piano, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Arranger-Workstation, Organ, Keytar, Accordion, Melodica, Pianica and Melodion that really works with a proper professional approach and the students proper practice habits applied.

Special Thanks to the SUZUKI Corporation for their Great Selection of Melodions

Special thanks to the sensational Yamaha Pianica Magician.

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Introducing at no additional cost to you: ABC Music Services’ MP3 Practice Partner!

ABC Music Services’ MP3 Practice Partner is available on, (CD’s, USB Flash-drives & SD cards). It’s like having a customized audio assistant to help you with tempos, pitch variances, phrasing and much more when you practice or rehearse a song, exercise or segments of either one. Although it’s fun and easy to use, ABC Music Services’ MP3 Practice Partner helps the student get it right, (with proper practice habits applied), the first time every time.

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ABC Music Services invites you to a celebration of the most comprehensive private personalized instructional music courses we have to offer on the following:
Voice, Piano, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Arranger-Workstation, Organ, Keytar, Accordion, Melodica, Pianica and Melodion to beginner and Intermediate level students of all ages on location and in the comfort and convenience of your home, office, workplace on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and by-appointment-basis; no pressure, whenever you’re ready for your next lesson.